Included In This Amazing Program...
  •  Software (installs on laptop)
  •  Hardware (hand trigger, foot pad, headset, USB cable, MCU unit)
  •  Instructional Videos
  •  Demonstration Videos
  •  One on One Coaching
  •  Skype/Phone Support
  •  Customized Protocol
  •  Exercises To Improve: Hand-Eye Coordination, Visual Tracking, Fidgeting, Sensory Overload, and more...
You Get ALL This For...
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  •    Software
  •    Hardware
  •    Instructional Videos
  •    Demonstration Videos
  •    One on One Coaching
  •    Skype/Phone Support

My mission is to help you succeed. I will put together a training plan that will be easy to follow and that will work for you. 

Dr. Jerry A. Iavarone is the author of: Overcoming ADHD: Helping Children Improve Focus and Attention Without Prescription Drugs.

Email: [email protected]

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